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Feature List

Alpha Cares is an all inclusive child care management software package. All editions have the following features:-

Dashboard At-a-glance:

  • Track late payments
  • Immunization schedules / birthdays
  • Upcoming event calendar
  • Latest FAQs (usage tips)

Family Data:

  • At-a-glance family relationships - Head-of-household, Guardians, and Children; pictures and email, contact information
  • Children records - includes immunizations, birthday
  • Manage Staff HR details
  • Define and Manage Classes

Automated Newsletters:

  • Weekly email broadcast - 5-day weather forecast, custom message to parents

Attendance Solutions:

  • Child and Employee: One-click to clock-in or out
  • Print roll-call sheet
  • Easy (mass) update of attendance, by week
  • Print generic attendance report – by individual or entire class
  • Print report for flex benefit claims
  • Staff Attendance and reporting


  • Accounts receivable - track revenues
  • Accounts payable - track expenses
  • Update / take payments
  • Generate invoice
  • Automatic invoices
  • Export to Excel and other accounting packages (e.g. QuickBooks)
Pricing Now

Keep Accurate Records

“I find the accounts and medical information features impressive. Your web-based software is what every child care provider needs to help them with their center!"

Always Connected to Parents

The option to "create custom message" from the Connections module is reliable and essentially hassle-free is a godsend. With the automated weather forecast emails, parents feel even more connected with us - without lifting a finger - thank you Alpha Cares!