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  • What does it mean to subscribe to Alpha Cares Services?

    Alpha Cares does not sell traditional software packages, like ones that you would buy at stores like Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, etc. Instead, you access the Alpha Cares software package online, and pay a monthly service fee, much like your cable TV service. This way, the software is maintained by our staff at the central (server) location, and your records are securely kept for access by your unique login name and password.

  • I created a new account but cannot find my activation email - what can I do?

    Go to your "Junk Mailbox" or "Spam Folder". Many times, email systems mistakenly classify the Alpha Cares activation email as junk or spam. The new email is titled "User activation for [your login name]."

  • I accidently typed an invalid email when creating my new account, what should I do now?

    No worries! Simply create a new account, activate your account by verifying it in your email, then login and start using Alpha Cares. The accounts that are unactivated for more than 2 days are automatically purged from the system.


  • Do I need a lot of technical knowledge and equipment to use Alpha Cares?

    Absolutely not! In fact, you can be up and running with the Alpha Cares program within minutes. There's nothing to download and no broad learning curves. In terms of equipment, you only need computer with internet access and since there's nothing to download, you don't have to worry about our software overwhelming your computer's storage or memory.

  • I've forgotten my login and/or password, what can I do?

    There are two parts to logging into your account - your login and your password. If you have forgotten your login (or password), the system can email this information to your email account on file. Locate the "Lost Password?" link on the login panel, and enter your email at the bottom section - your login and password wil be sent to your email.

  • What if I forgot (or changed) the email address provided to Alpha Cares when I signed up?

    Go to the "Contact us" page, (the last link located at the left-hand side navigation menu) fill in your details. A member from our technical support staff will promptly retrieve your login information and contact you.

  • I was logged in for a long time; when I tried to do something, I got a message that said: "Cannot proceed without valid user."

    Alpha Cares has a time out feature for security purposes; this message is normal. Simply close the browser session and start another afresh, login again to continue.


  • Can I set up my account so that the monthly subscription payment is automatically deducted each month?

    Alpha Cares has a convenient, secure, automated payment system - payments are monthly, billed via credit card. There are no contracts, cancel at any time with no penalties. Yearly payments get a discount! See our Payment Portal

The real meaning of Easy Peasy!

"The Alpha Cares software is easy to use with my limited computer experience. Everything is just a few clicks away!

Always Connected to Parents

The option to "create custom message" from the Connections module is reliable and essentially hassle-free is a godsend. With the automated weather forecast emails, parents feel even more connected with us - without lifting a finger - thank you Alpha Cares!