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Feature List

Alpha Cares is an all inclusive child care management software package. All editions have the following features:-

Dashboard At-a-glance:

  • Track late payments
  • Immunization schedules / birthdays
  • Upcoming event calendar
  • Latest FAQs (usage tips)

Family Data:

  • At-a-glance family relationships - Head-of-household, Guardians, and Children; pictures and email, contact information
  • Children records - includes immunizations, birthday
  • Manage Staff HR details
  • Define and Manage Classes

Automated Newsletters:

  • Weekly email broadcast - 5-day weather forecast, custom message to parents

Attendance Solutions:

  • Child and Employee: One-click to clock-in or out
  • Print roll-call sheet
  • Easy (mass) update of attendance, by week
  • Print generic attendance report – by individual or entire class
  • Print report for flex benefit claims
  • Staff Attendance and reporting


  • Accounts receivable - track revenues
  • Accounts payable - track expenses
  • Update / take payments
  • Generate invoice
  • Automatic invoices
  • Export to Excel and other accounting packages (e.g. QuickBooks)
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Track Immunizations With Ease

“Your software covers all the important things. I especially like the ability to track immunization records, and automatically get reminded of each child's doctor's appointments.”

So glad I found Alpha Cares!

"...it's so easy to use unlike the other child care packages I've tried, which were so confusing. Yes I saw where I can upload a picture and easily email the parent from that screen...and your automatic emails to all parents is a dream; I normally would not have the time to send any emails out - let alone to all parents at once..."